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Breakfast Classics

Our Breakfast Banh Mi

2 Eggs Banh Mi Baguette garnished with cucumber, slices of Chilli. Accented with a sweet chili sauce

VND 50,000

Grilled Pork Steak

2 Eggs with Pork Steak Choice of Baguette or Rice

 VND 70,000

Imported Rib-Eye Steak

2 Eggs with Rib-Eye Steak Choice of Baguette or Rice

VND 95,000

Our Banh Mi Paradise

Roasted Pork Banh Mi

Ho Chi Minh "No Problem"

Lemongrass Chicken

Roasted Beef Banh Mi

Vegetarian Banh Mi

Fish Banh mi

Bo Kho Banh Mi

Roasted Pork Banh Mi Slow Oven Roasted Pork VND 85,000 Supersize Meat   + VND 20,000
Ho Chi Minh “No Problem” Banh Mi Oven Roasted Chicken. Enhanced with segments of freshly picked Pomelo and chilli flakes VND 90,000
Roasted Beef Banh Mi Slow Oven Roasted Imported Striploin Beef Suggested Sauce: Creamy Smoked Black Pepper Sauce VND 120,000
Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi  Lemongrass chicken breast VND 90,000
Vegetarian Banh Mi  Pan-Roasted Tofu VND 75,000
Larger Roasted Pork Banh Mi  Slow Oven Roasted Pork VND 105,000
Pan-Roasted Fish Banh Mi  Pan seared seasoned filet of local fish (Only when fresh available) VND 85,000
Bo Kho Beef Banh Mi  Cubes of Beef slow simmered in Bo Kho sauce, made of coconut Juice , Lemongrass and local condiments. VND 100,000
Ba Roi Pork Banh Mi Slices of Rasher pork “Ba roi” – slow simmered in coconut juice stock with a hint of fresh onion and Phu Quoc’s world renowned fish sauce VND 90,000

Kim Chi Pork Banh Mi

Roasted Pork topped with Kim Chi

 VND 90,000

Roasted Chicken Banh Mi  Oven Roasted Chicken VND 90,000

Original Homemade Sauce Options - Available on all Banh Mi

Soy Wasabi A dedicately infused Japanese mayonnaise blend accented with light soya sauce, Japanese wasabi horseradish and various herbs creating a zesty finish with every bite

Garlic Chili Fish Sauce

Phu Quoc’s World Famous Fish Sauce accented to perfection with Fresh Garlic and Dalat Chili providing every diner with explosive flavors. A taste of Vietnam in every bite.

Creamy Smoky Roasted Black Pepper  A thick smoky flavored sauce accented with Vietnam’s world renowned Phu Quoc black pepper
Creamy Basil Sauce A mouthwatering creamy basil sauce combining the flavorful Vietnamese basil and various local herbs and seasonings – A basil lover’s must

Spicy Garlic Sauce

As creamed mild green chili – garlic sauce crafted from only the finest local ingredients

* Additional chili’s available for the daring

Mirin Sake Teriyaki A sake infused teriyaki sauce blended for the palate of a Shogun

Our Authentic Home-Cooked Vietnamese Classics

Bo Kho – Classic Herb Beef

Tender pieces of herb-marinated beef cubes, slowly simmered in a delicious coconut juice, lemongrass, herbs sauce. A warmed baguette accompanies this dish for the dipping in the delightful sauce the meat was prepared in. One of Vietnam’s favorites.

VND 100,000

Cha Gio – Spring Rolls

Crisp imperial “Spring Rolls”, filled with a mixture of ground Pork, Shrimp, taro and an assortment of local vegetables and herbs served with both garlic, chilli, and Phu Quoc reknowned fish sauce as well as a sweet chilli cream. These are  the authentic Vietnamese Nem Rolls known throughout the world.

VND 70,000

Bun Thit Nuong

Rice Noodles

Vietnam’s famous Rice Noodles. A thin rice noodle dish served with marinated slices of BBQ pork, accented with pan-roasted peanuts, Vietnamese basil, bean sprouts, julienned Dalat cucumber, shredded lettuce, and accompanied by a tangy garlic, chilli fish sauce dressing. A tantalizing combination of flavors, textures and tastes that has awakened the palates of the Vietnamese for over 1,000 years.

VND 95,000

Banh Canh – Noodle Soup

A Classic Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup. Large rice noodles served in a tasty broth accented with fried shallots, onion (both slivered white and chopped green) and cilantro. Topped with succulent (fall off the bone) pork riblets that have been infused with fish sauce and Vietnamese seasonings with a final crisping adding texture.

If you like the Traditional “Pho” you will love this classic Vietnamese special

VND 95,000

Our Vegetarian Specials: Healthy Salad & Soups

Banh Mi Vegetarian

Our freshly baked crisped baguette layered with generous slices of annatto paste seasoned Tofu, resting upon a spread of mushroom pate. Garnished with fresh cilantro, cucumber, slivered green onions and topped with crispy fried Mekong Delta shallots.

VND 75,000

Bun Chay

Our house white rice noodles lightly seasoned with a sweet sesame soya dressing and topped with annatto seasoned Tofu, pan roasted peanuts, slivered cucumber, Vietnamese basil, and crispy fried Mekong Delta shallots.

VND 90,000

Fresh Green Tofu Salad

Our Vietnamese “Crab Claw” Greens scented with our house sesame olive oil dressing and tossed with slivered onions, pan roasted peanuts, crispy fried shallots and topped with annatto seasoned slices of Tofu.

VND 95,000

Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb Salad

The freshest of the famed local “Claw Herb Greens” combined with thin slices of fresh Dalat onions, cilantro, tomato, fried shallots and carefully tossed in our special house dressing. Small – VND 60,000 Large – VND 80,000 
*Optional additions: Chicken, Beef, Pork – VND 45,000

Healthy Dietetic Vegetable Soup

Our Chef’s daily selection of the freshest vegetables available in the market, combined with a blend of fresh herbs and condiments that offers a dietetic flavorful healthy clear vegetable broth. Cup – VND 55,000 Bowl – VND 75,000

Pasta Options





Choice of Toppings

– Tomato Ragù Sauce – VND 145,000 – With Vegetables (Sautéed zucchini & squash) – VND 165,000 – Beef Bolognese Sauce – VND 180,000 – Bo Kho Classic Vietnamese Beef – VND 180,000 – Lemongrass Chicken – VND 180,000 – Pan-Roasted Fish  – VND 180,000 An “Arrabbiata” influence is available to all sauces

Our Global Comfort Food Specials

“Imported USDA New York Strip Loin” Steak Frites

Imported USDA Choice New York Strip Loin Beef Steak meticulously grilled to seal in tenderness, moisture and flovor; making you want k to mooooo with every bite Served with Herb Butter 250 grams- VND 425,000 Petite Steak 120 grams & fries – VND 220,000

Oven Roasted & Char Grilled Quarter Chicken

Featuring our delicately seasoned Oven roasted Hen VND 180,000

 All of the above served with Rice or French Fries & Sliced Tomatoes

Dessert & Snack

Orgasmic Chocolate Cake

Served warm with whipped Crème Anglaise

Small –VND 35,000 Large – VND 60,000

French Fries

A basket full of our crisp shoestring fries

VND 60,000

Beverages & Drinks

Our Healthy Dietetic Fresh Fruit/Vegetable Juices & Teas


with ice – VND 50,000 without ice – VND 70,000


with ice – VND 30,000 without ice – VND 35,000

Apple, Carrot, Ginger

with ice – VND 65,000

without ice – VND 80,000

Fresh Coconut

without ice – VND 55,000


with ice – VND 60,000 without ice – VND 65,000

Beer, Soda & Vietnamese Coffee

Espresso  ——————————————VND 50,000 Cappuccino ————————————— VND 55,000 Vietnamese Coffee ——————————VND 45,000 Vietnamese Iced Coffee ————————VND 50,000 Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee ——————VND 55,000 Americano —————————————  VND 50,000

Coca Cola, Sprite & Fanta Mineral Water Soda Water with Gas

*With meal – VND 30,000    *Without meal – VND 50,000

Sapporo Beer ———————————————VND 55,000


***Prices does not include 10% VAT & 5% Service charge.

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